Nano3Bio Conference App

The Nano3Bio Conference App was designed to support conferences, large meetings and events. It is a comprehensive tool for participants, fitted out with content from the event organiser. The App provides:

  • beneficial news on all aspects of a conference,
  • up-to-date information about the schedule including all sessions,
  • details about the contributors,
  • an innovative match-making tool enabling participants to meet others,
  • all participants need to know about conference locations including a map,
  • visitor information for a pleasant stay in the respective city or region.

Not least the App provides access to information about the Nano3Bio project.

If you are the organiser of a conference in the field of chitosans or biotechnology, please contact us for more information about the adaptation of the Nano3Bio Conference App for your event.

The following links to Google Play and Apple's App Store provide examples for the implementation of the tool:

Nano3Bio Conference App
Nano3Bio Conference App
Nano3Bio Conference App