Chitosan Tutorial App ’ChitoTutorial’

The Chitosan Tutorial App ’ChitoTutorial’ is the perfect introduction into the world of biotechnology and chitosans. It provides a comprehensible overview as to the field of chitosans, their biological properties as well as novel production methods. Not least it contains a fun quiz game to test your knowledge. 

The first version of the Chitosan Tutorial App has been released and the Nano3Bio project is currently refining the ChitoTutorial. It is available for Android devices as well as for iPhones and for iPads:

Chitosan Wiki for Android
Chitosan Wiki for iOS

The main advantages of the Chitosan Tutorial App ’ChitoTutorial’ are:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the world of chitosans
  • Chitosan science and applications explained step by step
  • The opportunity to choose between two degrees of difficulty
  • A fun quiz game to test your level of knowledge

The next update including more aspects and features will be available soon.


Chitosan Tutorial App