Societal benefits

In addition to the scientific advancement Nano3Bio aims to create beneficial impact for society as a whole. Not least we understand our European funding as a commitment to return value to the European citizens.

The most expectable societal benefits through Nano3Bio are:

  • Creation of high-grade jobs through new production processes and new application areas of bio-engeneered materials
  • Contraction of dependencies on raw material imports,
  • Accumulation and application of knowledge in a promising science sector
  • Advantage in competition through novel high-quality materials
  • Indirect societal benefits due to more environmental-friendly production processes
Biotechnology and society

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Why chitosans now?

Consumers asks for eco-products:
Chitosans are consumer-safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and biocompatible.

Industry asks for biopolymers:
Chitosans are versatile and bioactive basic substances with superior material and functional properties.

Society asks for sustainability:
Chitosans are derived from the abunĀ­dant renewable resource chitin availĀ­able from different waste materials.

Science asks for challenges:
Chitosans are naturally polydisperse materials with complex functionalities and high potentials.