Benefits for science

Engineering the future of biotechnology

The Nano3Bio project aims to create highly forward-looking innovation in the field of bio-engineering related to chitin and chitosans. For this purpose well-respected scientists cooperate in this large European project.

For the schientific community Nano3Bio offers the following benefits amongst others:

  • New application areas for bio-engineering based on scientific results
  • A growing number of publications related to Nano3Bio activities and outcomes
  • The opportunity to practise networking with the Nano3Bio consortium
  • A better and deeper understanding of biological processes related to chitin and chitosans

The Nano3Bio consortium is able to achieve a breakthrough from basic research to the biotechnological production of chitosans. This road is challenging: For example, it is important to determine which biological organisms are able to produce exactly that quality of chitosan, which is required for a specific application.

Challenge and approach

Based on the Nano3Bio consortium’s extensive experience and expertise in elucidating structure/function relationships and, lately, also molecular modes of action of partially acetylated chitosans and their nanoformulations, and encouraged by the highly successful development of a biotechnological biosynthesis of chitosan oligomers with fully defined architecture, the partners address the objective of developing biotechnological biosynthesis strategies for partially acetylated chitosan polymers with narrowly defined DPs, DAs, and non-random PAs.

Exploring both in vitro and in vivo strategies, Nano3Bio will yield novel chitosan polymers with non-random PA and even chitosan polymers fully defined in terms of DP, DA, and PA. Achievement of the objectives will be verified by prototype samples of chitosans and their nanoformulations, which will be fully analysed for their chemical and physico-chemical properties as well as their biological activities in cell-based assays, and which will be assessed for their performance in standard trials of industry in a bench-marking process, comparing them to the best characterised conventional chitosans available on the market today.

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