Benefits for industry

Nano3Bio's novel bio-engineered, smart chitosans are expected to open up new market sectors. Benefits for economic use cases are part of the Nano3Bio approach from scratch. The strong involvement of industry, mostly in the form of SMEs, ensures market orientation and the tailoring of the production technology as well as of the functionalities of the bioinspired materials towards the different applications.

Achievements of the Nano3Bio project will be verified based on prototype samples of chitosans and their nanoformulations. They will be fully analysed for their chemical and physico-chemical properties as well as their biological activities in cell-based assays, and they will be assessed for their performance in standard trials of industry in a bench-marking process, comparing them to the best characterised conventional chitosans available on the market today.

The Nano3Bio consortium will also ensure to incorporate the industrial need of up-scaling the production, and it will facilitate effective transfer and implementation into industrial applications.

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From first to third generation chitosans

A family of biomolecules with remarkable properties and functionalities.

First generation chitosans were rather poorly defined mixtures of polymers of varying purity and varying composition - mostly unfit for the development of successfully marketable products. These chitosans were dominating the market for decades and are still widespread today.

Second generation chitosans are well defined in terms of their degrees of polymerization and acetylation - more suitable for the development of reliable products due to known molecular structure-function relationships; these chitosans are now increasingly appearing on the market.

Third generation chitosans will be even less polydisperse, or even monodisperse in the case of oligomers, with non-random patterns of acetylation, defined biological activities, and known cellular modes of action; these chitosans will create new market opportunities in future.

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Getting in touch

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Why chitosans now?

Consumers asks for eco-products:
Chitosans are consumer-safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and biocompatible.

Industry asks for biopolymers:
Chitosans are versatile and bioactive basic substances with superior material and functional properties.

Society asks for sustainability:
Chitosans are derived from the abun­dant renewable resource chitin avail­able from different waste materials.

Science asks for challenges:
Chitosans are naturally polydisperse materials with complex functionalities and high potentials.

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